Wranglerstar Oil Change

This week @wranglerstar on youtube posted his latest oil change video which popped up on my feed. Wranglerstar is an American youtube homesteader – wood/metal working, building, logging and more.

He talks about changing oil like Granddad used to do. I had to laugh at the oil reminder reset though – I’m sure that’s something Granddad never did. A good chunk of the rest of the video is accurate – spills, groans, party tricks and all.

Was good to see @wranglerstar showing the Amsoil lookup tools and how to order online using the “oil change” feature which adds the correct capacity of oil and a filter to your cart as a package for your specific vehicle.

Changing your own oil certainly isn’t difficult. Getting all the little details just right makes the job much more enjoyable – for help with Amsoil product suggestions and ordering options contact me. The only way to get comfortable at changing your oil is to practice and gain experience with your specific vehicles.

Some notes from the video and things I like to do during my oil changes:

  • Use a quality oil and filter like Amsoil
  • Documenting a service history – Amsoil has the MyAmsoilGarage tool that can help you quickly get back to your vehicles products and electronically track service history. Doesn’t hurt to use paper for the next vehicle owner and even window reminder stickers for a professional touch.
  • Warm up the engine before draining the oil – normally driving up on ramps or into your work area should accomplish this. Watch out for hot oil when draining.
  • Drain pains – more space is always better match your sump volume to your pan and have a good way to pour the used oil into containers for recycling.
  • Replacing oil drain plug gaskets. I’ve never had good luck with the nylon ones but the rubber coated, aluminum and steal stamped/folded (put the crease against the engine block) work great.
  • Check for double gaskets on your oil filter after removing with a filter wrench. If you have a cartridge style instead of canister make sure you have any orings required. A double gasket is where the rubber from the old filter sticks to the block and then the new filter tries to seal to that instead of the engine block itself – this just makes a mess under the engine oil pressure. Make sure the old oil filter gasket comes off and coat the new filter gasket with oil to help the new gasket seal on installation.
  • Prefill the oil filter if possible – much easier to do on a vertical filter. Horizontal filters I might soak the medium but it usually just makes installing a slippery mess. Most horizontal filters are tucked up inside the engine bay somewhere.
  • To fill the oil sump – if your vehicle allows – use a large funnel that can hold 1 quart bottle of oil upside down while allowing enough space to pour in a fresh quart at the same time. That way 1 empty quart can gravity drain the last of the oil while you are pouring in a new quart. Then swap for the next one.
  • Oil drain plug – only thread in by hand and use a hand wrench/ratchet to tighten. Do not over tighten!
  • After ensuring your filter and drain plug are installed properly. I prefer to start the vehicle for 30 seconds to a minute after filling with oil and then stop the engine. Look for warning lights to go out while the engine is running. Oil pressure will be low until the system primes – it’s normal to see the oil light for a few seconds on start. Get out of the vehicle – put something clean under the drain plug and filter like a paper towel. Clean up used oil and tools – that gives 5 to 10 minutes for any leaks to show themselves on the papertowel/cardboard.

It was interesting to see the oil change happening about 40% oil life on the oil minder in this video. Some people prefer to change their oil more often for piece of mind. Due to the pandemic a lot of daily driver vehicles are accumulating less mileage and will be hitting time constraints instead of mileage – for example 1 year or 6 months depending on the product used instead of 12,000km.

Especially keep an eye on any vehicles with known fuel dilution issues and change those out earlier. Pull the dipstick and smell the oil for fuel. Short trips to daycare or the grocery store can compound the fuel dilution issue because the engine never really warms up.

Ordering Amsoil online and having the products your vehicles need delivered to your door should be one of the first steps to your next oil change.

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