One thought on “AFF 0W-40”

  1. I had an old year 40 year old Toro snowblower I bought when I started it it ran a little rough and burnt some oil I ran it for a couple weeks it cleared up only a tiny bit. I then bought some 0/40 amsoil the smoke in a minute amount of time completely cleared up it ran alot smoother and I could idle it down real low it’s rpms increased it puref like a kitten and I went thru the whole harsh winter with no problems please believe me it worked mircles I never seen any oil do this it always started easy even in the coldest weather and consumed hardly any oil and what I found out it is the only truely sythtic oil in the USA I will always run it in all my snowblowers it made it run like new and stands up to harsh snow blowing conditions many tmes

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