Dog Days of Summer

Are you loading up the vehicle and breaking out the toys for a few weeks of vacation this summer?

While the heat of the summer isn’t the best time for preventative maintenance, sometimes you just don’t have the choice. You can use AMSOIL products to extend your oil change interval to twice a year or less and plan to do the work in the spring/fall to avoid the unbearable heat and cold of the seasons.

This year we’ve pushed our holiday back to December which means I’m available all summer and fall. The weekends are packed this August and early September doing road trips around southern ontario for fishing, weddings, BBQ’s and more. Which means I’m probably not available on weekends by phone to talk about AMSOIL orders – leave a message and expect a returned call late Sunday night or Monday evening.
The best way to contact me is by email and I’m still scheduling my regular Thursday trips to pickup local customer orders throughout the summer.

If you’re really in a bind, live near Mississauga, Oakville or Burlington and need something right away check my contact page. I keep a list of the AMSOIL products I have available immediately in very small quantities. I tend not to stock oil filters so it’s best to contact me well before Thursday if you want to do the job on the weekend.

For those of you who may not be local or are interested in purchasing AMSOIL products and having them delivered right to your door be sure to check out the AMSOIL online store. If you plan to purchase over $100/year in AMSOIL products (2 vehicles or more) add a Preferred Customer membership to your cart before you checkout to purchase at wholesale pricing for a small upfront membership cost.

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