A Study of SAE 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oils

In May of 2013 AMSOIL released a study of their Signature Series 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil tested against synthetic offerings from nine popular competitors by an independent, third party laboratory.

The competitors tested in the report are:

  • Mobil 1™ Extended Performance
  • Royal Purple High Performance Motor Oil
  • Lucas Synthetic
  • Red Line High Performance Motor Oil
  • Castrol Edge® with Titanium Fluid Strength Technology®
  • Pennzoil Ultra™
  • Petro-Canada SUPREME Synthetic™
  • Quaker State Ultimate Durability™
  • Valvoline SynPower® Full Synthetic Motor Oil

The 5W-30 synthetic engine oils were tested in five different American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) recognized testing protocols. To remove any possibility of bias, the samples were coded and tested in random order.

The motor oils were tested to determine resistance to depositing, wear control, high temperature stability, resistance to acid formation and cold temperature performance.

As usual, AMSOIL fares very well versus the competition. AMSOIL has been “naming names” for almost 40 years and their data has never been challenged. I’m glad to see the company publishes information instead of just spinning marketing statements that can’t be founded.

See the complete test paper: A Study of 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oils (420KB PDF)

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