Ford Maverick – Second Oil Change

After 13,300 km the onboard oil life monitor suggested it was time to schedule an oil change. It said I had 18% oil life left when I changed it at ~16,300km.

Everything looked pretty much the same as the last time I was under there. No oil leaks from the filter or drain plug – CV half shafts were not leaking. Just a simple oil change on ramps and using a creeper to get the hairy cardboard belly pan off and then back on the road for another 13,000 kms.

I installed the AMSOIL 0W-20 100% Synthetic Hybrid Motor Oil (HEO20) – 6 quarts and an AMSOIL EAO34 oil filter. The extra 1.35 inches of filter height consumes the leftover 1/4 of a quart in the last bottle with the standard filter. Installed the full 6 quarts for the oil change to the top of the hash marks on the dip stick.

I plan do do a used oil analysis on this 3rd oil fill when I drain it next time to see how the engine is doing.

I still plan to dump and fill the transmission fluid to get any assembly contaminates out of it and check the factory fill level. It was too cold during my seasonal tire change so may look to do that later in the summer.

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