AMSOIL Delays Canadian Price Increase Until July 1st

AMSOIL has refrained from adjusting Canadian prices for as long as possible, but action is being taken to offset the significant losses derived from increased raw-material costs and continued fluctuation in the exchange rate this year. The exchange rate between the Canadian and US dollars has been more volatile recently than at any time since 1929. All projections and expert advice predict some stability in the coming months. Barring any major fluctuations in the coming weeks AMSOIL expects the adjustment to be in the 9-10 percent range — with an average increase of 9.7 percent.

AMSOIL has implemented every possible action to offset these losses, including absorbing some of the impact of the declining exchange rate and increased raw-material costs, as well as taking steps to help maintain this level of pricing for a reasonable length of time even if there are some additional minor fluctuations.

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