AMSOIL Snowmobile Outfitters Deal

Looking to get outfitted with AMSOIL products for this snowmobile season?
We haven’t seen much snow flying here in Southern Ontario but do expect it to come soon enough – hopefully early in 2012.

I’m offering a outfitting deal where you purchase these two items together in the same cart on and I’ll throw in a 8oz bottle of QuickShot for you to try in your first tank of fuel but you have to pay the shipping costs.

  1. Sign up as a Preferred Customer for a 6-month trial membership
  2. Purchase a case of snowmobile oil

By signing up as a Preferred Customer – even without the bottle of QuickShot to sweeten the deal – you’ll save on your first order. At the current AMSOIL pricing if you were to purchase a case of AIT Interceptor with the $15 membership fee – you still save $21.60 over the suggested retail price in Canada. You’ll save even more on your next case or by purchasing other AMSOIL products for your other equipment as you won’t have the PC membership overhead.

Contact me for details and to work out any shipping costs for your bottle of QuickShot.

Deal is also available for cases of AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke 0W-40 and Dominator Racing oils. Don’t forget to order chaincase & gear oil as well as synthetic water resistant grease you may need for your sled.

Some stats:

  • 1 quart of AIT mixed at 50:1 will lubricate 47.3L of fuel.
  • A case of 12 quarts will lubricate 567.6L of fuel for the season.
  • QuickShot’s maintenance rate is 236ml – which is the small 8oz bottle – in 45.4L of fuel.
  • To treat 567.6L of fuel with QuickShot you’ll need just over 3 quarts.

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