Ready To Go Fishing?

Here in my part of Southern Ontario the sport fishing season is starting to open up soon.

People are already getting their boats on the water for perch and crappie. Trout opens today, walleye and pike open in mid-May and then bass and muskies open later in June of 2012. Check your local fishing regulations and be careful which zone you are fishing in – I can be inland or out on the Great Lakes which changes dates and locations.

If you need to trailer a boat to the launch it can put a lot of stress on your vehicle depending on the size of your load. Pulling any sort of trailer is hard on your vehicles transmission fluid and the gear oils in transfer cases or differentials your vehicle may have. Rear differentials are prone to being contaminated with water when submerged on shallow launch ramps. The problem can be even worse after a long haul where the differential has been working hard and is heated then submerged in cool water.

The same heat problem exists with trailer bearings – the big difference is you know you are going to submerge them every time the boat is launched. These bearings are a great application for AMSOIL Synthetic Water Resistant Grease (GWR). Check out the new formulation using calcium sulfonate complex thickeners and the new smaller 3oz tubes.

Once the boat is finally in the water – you did remember to put the plug in – some sort of ritual is performed in hope that engine will fire up without too much cranking of the starter or pull cord.

The Marine and Powersports section of the AMSOIL online store shows the products that can help your boat though another season without needing a trip to the marina shop at the start of the season.

Tight lines!

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